All it takes is the first step…

Thanks for joining me!

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Well today is the day I finally suck it up and launch my first blog post for MyGoodnessGuru. Anyone who has launched a website or blog in the past, will relate to the nerve-wracking feeling of finally pressing the ‘publish’ button for the first time!

But now it’s done. Time to start getting my content out there for you to read – and hopefully like! The experience I went through whilst setting up this blog, actually helped me to decide upon the tagline ‘a spoonful of goodness’ and the style and approach I wanted to take. You know that feeling when you want to start or change something in your life – it can feel so overwhelming and daunting right?

When I took to my laptop set on my mission of starting a blog, I spent hours reading online content, watching webinars and being hoarded with online advertisements of other bloggers trying to sell me some quick-win training course to answer all my prayers. There was just SO MUCH INFORMATION! Analysis paralysis would kick in most days and lead me to discontent.

With so much conflicting advice and seemingly never-ending tasks to complete – there were multiple times I decided to just give up. It just seemed too hard to make any success out of it. Why would anyone read my blog over a thousand others out there? Is it really worth my time? No one will care what I have to say! The negativity was setteling in fast…

To break out of this negative spiral, I stopped myself and asked a few simple questions.

1) Can you ever be sure something you do will be successful?


2) What is the worse that could happen?

No one reads my content and I’ve spent a small amount of money

3) If it doesn’t work out, then what?

I will have still learnt some valuable lessons to improve/try again?

Sometimes breaking down what seems like a big decision into very simplistic questions to challenge your thinking – makes you realise that all this overwhelming information has done is take away our passion and excitement and feed into your fear of failure. What you need to do, is accept failure as an option. Accept that it may happen. But do it anyway! It is important to give yourself some perspective that in the grand scheme of things – you won’t die and you will only learn from any mistakes you do make.

I try and incorporate the mantra of ‘it just takes one step’ whenever I need to motivate myself to do something. Don’t worry too much about the end goal and planning every last detail – just get going. Once you are on the journey, it all starts to come together. But often we get so caught up on achieving perfection (or seeking assurances) before we have even started that we never start at all, and that is the real failure.

So the two things I took away from my research were these. Whether you are starting a new venture, making a positive lifestyle choice or seeking to improve your health and wellbeing – it all starts with one simple, positive step. Once you do it – and you get that amazing sense of achievement – that feeling is what becomes addictive enough to turn into long-term change. To provide the upmost value to my readers, I need to break down big changes into simple steps. Second, I want my blog to stand out by offering clear, simple advice about complex topics that is straight-forward and fact-checked. I want to help provide information to readers in a way that you can make up your own minds – rather than being influenced one way or another with an ulterior motive.

The only motive I do have with MyGoodnessGuru, is to share knowledge and advice about living healthier, happier and more consciously. Centred on the topic of holistic health and wellness – which basically just means everything that contributes to a happy, healthy you. I will try to cut through the masses of bullshit out there to give you useful tips and advice you can start using today. For a bit more detail about my mission and what to expect check out the About section.

Otherwise, thanks for reading my first ever post! Here’s to taking the first step.