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PsycheTruth: Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain & Flexibility Today I changed up my agenda to find a workout that would give my body what it needed. Don’t forget – this is what yoga should really be about. What I realise… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: DAY 8”


Ekhart Yoga: Heart opening 30 minutes So first I have to say sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I did want to make this challenge to be Yoga everyday for 30 days – but I have to admit I missed one. We had friends… Continue Reading “30 DaYS OF YOGA: DAY 7”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 6

Cat Meffan: Yoga for toned bums: 30 minute yoga flow  Some of you may not have come across Cat Meffan before, she is our first British yoga instructor of the challenge! All of the most famous yoga youtubers tend to be American. I originally… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 6”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 5

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Weight loss, Healthy Energy Flow: 36 minutes So today, I really didn’t feel like doing yoga – or anything for that matter. I had been out for the whole day yesterday running errands and spending over 5 hours in… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 5”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 4

Morning yoga session Sarah Beth Yoga: Full Body Yoga Workout – Strength and Tone – 30 minutes So today I was going to be out all day and needed to get up early to get my Yoga session in. I considered doing a specific… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 4”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 3

Introducing Boho Beautiful OMG. I am writing this immediately after doing this class and I am really blown away by how I feel. I had never done a Boho Beautiful video before so had no idea what to expect – I could see straight… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 3”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: day 2

Day 2 FightMaster: Total Body workout: 30 minutes So, day 2 of my yoga 30 day challenge. On the agenda for today was a video from FightMaster Yoga – another really popular yoga channel offering a large variety of different practices. I had done… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: day 2”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: how does it impact body shape, weight loss and evergy levels?

So after some weeks of stepping off the pedal in a major way when it came to my exercise routine in the midst of lockdown… I found myself a few pounds heavier and feeling quite low in energy. In the first few weeks, I… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: how does it impact body shape, weight loss and evergy levels?”