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Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Strength 40 minute Vinyasa sequence Monday you are back again. I always find it hardest to get to my matt on a Monday. Especially after a busy day. Today I had a long day at work followed by constructing… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: DAY 20”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 19

Brett Larkin: Detox Fusion Upper Body Yoga Workout – 40 minutes Now time for something different. Brett Larkin’s Yoga Fusion series combines Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini yoga into one practice. This is great if you are curious to try something new and take a… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 19”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 18

Ekhart Yoga: 45 minute Energising Yoga class The last Ekhart Yoga class I did I wasn’t too impressed by. But I decided to give them another go to make a fair judgement. And I am glad I did. This was a really great 45… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 18”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 17

Power Yoga & Ab workout Boho Beautiful: Vinyasa Power Flow Class 20 minute Yoga¬† Today I am sharing two videos with you. Both of which follow on the theme of providing challenge and pushing yourself more and more as you move through the 30… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 17”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 16

Cat Meffan: 40 minute Yoga Flow for Strength, All Levels Time for a real challenge. True to form, Cat Meffan provides a real push for the body with this video. It is probably the hardest yet in terms of difficulty. I found myself shaking… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 16”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 15

FightMaster Yoga: 45 minute Hatha Yoga (Detox, Twist and Feel Good) Time to take your yoga practice further with a longer session – increasing to 45 minutes. Whilst this seems like a long time, I hardly noticed the difference between a 30 minute and… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 15”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 14

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for core and booty – 30 minutes A Monday workout needs to kick the week off with a challenge for the body! So I picked a yoga class that would work my muscles and make me break a sweat. This… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 14”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 13

Sarah Beth: Yin Yoga to relax and unwind for stress relief Ever heard of Yin Yoga? I hadn’t until fairly recently. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga in which you will be holding postures for longer periods of time. These classes are… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 13”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 12

Cat Meffan: Power Yoga Intermediate 30 minutes Today is the first of our intermediate graded classes. If you are working to this level Cat Meffan is a great Youtuber to follow as she offers a lot of the more advanced classes. I wasn’t sure… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 12”

30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 10

Yoga with Adriene: Total Body Yoga – Deep stretch (legs, back, hips) 45 minutes Adriene is back again. She features quite heavily on my 30 day challenge video list as she has an excellent set of videos to choose from and she is a… Continue Reading “30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 10”