FightMaster Yoga – Yoga Cardio Burn: 30 minutes

Get ready to sweat! After yesterday’s slow, restorative practice – today we are turning things up a notch. I have never done a yoga workout that has been as fast-paced as this one. It is more of a challenge of endurance and fitness than it is of any yoga skill. I must admit, I found it hard to keep up towards the end – especially with the plank combinations. What is great about this video is that you know you have worked hard and burnt some calories, so expect a great sense of achievement after it is done! 

Doing fast-paced yoga like this for me is a great alternative to a standard cardio or gym workout. Reasons being, by doing yoga you will be working a much larger range of muscle groups, stretching and building flexibility all at the same time. Plus you have the added benefit of not putting pressure on your joints and being kind to your body. For those of you who may suffer with bad knees or ankles but are looking for a way to burn calories – a workout like this could be the perfect solution. This video will definitely feature in my final list of recommended videos for a 30 day challenge. It will get your heart-rate up and burn those calories!

Check in – after 9 days, do I see any changes yet?

The point of this challenge was to do yoga for 30 days and see what impact it has on weight, body shape and energy levels. And the answer is yes, I do see and feel changes already! I did a check up in-front of the mirror and could see a difference in my body. Most noticeable is the muscle definition in my stomach – I’m still far off a six pack – but my core is looking toned and strong. My weight has stayed stable since I started, but that’s actually a pretty good result considering how many treats I ate last week! And as for energy levels, 100% I feel an improvement – especially right after doing a yoga workout. Next week I will check in again and report back on the results.

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