30 DAYS OF YOGA: day 2

Day 2

FightMaster: Total Body workout: 30 minutes

So, day 2 of my yoga 30 day challenge. On the agenda for today was a video from FightMaster Yoga – another really popular yoga channel offering a large variety of different practices. I had done some of the FightMaster yoga classes before but not his particular class.

Whilst still suitable for a beginner, this class is more demanding in terms of flexibility, strength and fitness than the Yoga by Adriene video yesterday – despite it including a lot of the same poses. There’s a lot of downward dogging – which personally I really like as I find this pose fantastic for stretching out the whole body, especially the legs! (which I found particularly beneficial after my run yesterday).

This workout gives you just the right amount of challenge, so you feel you are pushing yourself but not too much. The instructor also gives a few options throughout the practice to match to your level. Warning – don’t try these advanced versions too soon if you are a beginner! I could just about manage a few of them with difficulty…

Again, I found the instructor easy enough to follow. She has a very calming voice, nice enough to listen to – but if I had to pick I would say Adriene is my favourite so far – mainly because she just seems such a lovely person and you feel more like you are doing Yoga with a friend.

Overall, this Yoga session was a really good workout. The instructor makes a pretty bold promise on the video: ‘will make you feel so good!’ and I must admit – it really did. I felt energised and that my body had really awakened. My recommendation is to start with a few sessions with my day 1 video – then move onto this one when you are ready to challenge yourself a bit further and want a more full workout.

Pilates vs Yoga

So later this afternoon when I fancied another workout – so I decided to give a Pilates video a go. A lot of people don’t really know the difference between Yoga and Pilates and assume they are quite similar. In reality they are quite different – but you may see some cross-over with certain poses and exercises here and there. I would say the main difference is that Yoga  is much more about the mind – you connect to yourself on a deeper level and find a peace through Yoga. Pilates, is more of a straight up workout – you often feel more of a burn but don’t get that same energy flowing through you like you do after a Yoga session. 

As with Yoga, there are many different forms of Pilates – but I would say that Pilates is even more varied in terms of what people classify as a Pilates workout. The video I did today, was actually more of a ab/core workout than pure Pilates. It was quite limited in terms of range of motion and the muscles used. If I had done the workout without knowing the title, and afterwards asked what I thought the class was called, I would of 100% not labelled it as Pilates. However, its not a total surprise as Pilates is very focussed on core strength. 

Would I recommend the video? Sure. Take a look for yourself by following the link below.

But as I say, this may be more suitable for someone looking for a good ab and bum workout,  rather than what you might expect from a typical Pilates class – which from my experience is more about testing and developing your range of motion, balance and control alongside core strength. I’ll find a more traditional video to share with you another day. 

Pilates can be great compliment to yoga, especially if you want something that challenges a few muscle groups (in particular core) a bit further. After all, core strength is critical to maintaining good posture, reducing back pain, improving balance and improving your performance in just about any sport or activity.

Check back tomorrow for day 3! 

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